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Recent Progress in Liposome Production, Relevance to Drug Delivery and Nanomedicine

[ Vol. 9 , Issue. 2 ]


Rumiana Koynova and Boris Tenchov   Pages 86 - 93 ( 8 )


From their discovery half a century ago and the subsequent appreciation of their clinical utility, liposomes currently hold a recognized position in the mainstream of drug delivery systems. Conventional techniques for liposome preparation and size reduction are simple to implement and do not require sophisticated equipment. However, most of them are not easy to scale-up for industrial liposome production. With several liposomal formulations already on the market, and more in final clinical trials, the industrial scale production of liposomes has become reality, and so the range of liposome preparation methods has been extended by a number of techniques which are increasingly attractive, such as microfluidic hydrodynamic focusing, supercritical fluid processing, freeze-drying and spray-drying. Some of these new techniques generally represent advancements of the conventional methods allowing for scale-up, better reproducibility and process control. This review summarizes patents in the last decade offering new techniques for production of liposomes as related to their application in drug delivery.


Drug delivery, liposome, vesicle, lipid, microfluidic, supercritical fluid, nanoparticle.


Ohio State University College of Pharmacy, 517 Parks Hall, 500 W 12th Ave, Columbus, OH 43210, USA.

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